Fruit Stand of my Dreams

21 Jul

I realize I haven’t talked much about summer school lately, but that’s more about trying to pretend it doesn’t exist than about it not actually happening.

It’s happening, though, and I know because otherwise I spend more hours than usual in a prolonged state of confusion, brows furrowed, mouth slightly agape, cursing the day I got myself into this mess, all for nothing. Possible, but not probable.

And that’s just the time spent in class. As if that wasn’t enough time spent interpreting a professor’s warp-speed lectures as long-winded reminders of my scientific inadequacies, I get to hear them resonate in my head later as I read about the stuff that I was previously blissfully unaware that I didn’t understand before.

It’s like a daily, “Hey you, here’s another thing you didn’t know, won’t know, but should know. By Monday. Kthanks.” Insert me crying + Major *SAD FACE*

Sometimes information overload lends itself to a hefty dose of self-preservational tactics which include, but aren’t limited to: profuse, unnecessary use of highlighters (through personal experience, I’ve noticed that if you highlight the whole page, it’s not as useful. Weird…), excessive fidgeting, daydreaming about things that are only exciting relative to the current situation (ex: making oatmeal), and writing out to-do lists primarily composed of things I’ve already accomplished, just so I get to cross them off.

I really wish doodling was still in. Whatever happened to that? Doodling was nice.

It’s really not always as bad as I make it out to be, but obviously I’d still rather be in Europe or on a beach somewhere, but I think that goes without saying.

That being said, I’ve also been busy getting ready/shopping for my family’s summer party this weekend! It’s become a thing…usually a thing with a theme. From the Bayou to the Mediterranean, we’ve got a few under our belts, and while I wouldn’t say they’re anything fancy, they are fun and obviously involve lots of awesome food!

This time, Texas style pit BBQ!

In order to make that happen, cue Fruit Stand. Be still my heart, little fruit stand.

It’s like a cross between a grocery store and a farmer’s market- local, fresh, seasonal produce but unlike a once or twice a week farmer’s market, it’s there EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  Amazing.

The prices are MUCH more reasonable than a farmer’s market, too!  After perusing the aisles as usual, I scored a bunch of yummy stuff for Saturday:

* Seedless watermelon
* Canteloupe
* Honeydew melon
* Yellow Peaches
* Nectarines
* Corn on the cob
* Lettuce
* Celery
* Cilantro
* Avocados
* Yellow Cauliflower
* Cucumbers

There’s really just one problem with this place- they need bigger carts!

I’ve never actually been to a Texas pit BBQ, but I think that just means it involves lots of meat, BBQ sauce, and anything else you can cook over an open flame.

Corn on the cob. Zucchini. And lots of peach cobbler, too! Stay tuned!

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  1. Char July 24, 2011 at 4:49 pm #

    Me and the flavorless apple flown in from Chile that I bought for $2 are kind of crying right now.

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