Grapefruitalade – Is that a word?

16 Mar

Another culinary triumph by yours truly.  With no help from anyone else, I made the world’s best grapefruitalade.

Whoa, whoa. As if.  I guess now would be a good time to tell you all that this is, I suppose officially, the first guest post on my blog.  It wasn’t by choice.  This is my older bro’s handy work, and I would have discouraged it (heavily) had I known it was happening.  Read the above sentence again and I think you will see why.  See, I made this grapefruit marmalade a few weeks back in celebration of citrus fruit, and well, my burgeoning quest to become the best jamstress in all the land.  It was enjoyed by all.  He was jealous.  I later found this very post on my brand new blog.  No help from anyone?  Generic photo?  Grapefruitalade??  Ruined. Obviously that’s not a word.

Do a google search for “grapefruitalade.” I dare you. I guarantee mine is the only site that comes up. Sighs.

Anyway, you can make some yourself.  You probably should.  Google doesn’t have it. And it ain’t makin’ itself! 😀

Grapefruit Marmalade AKA “Grapefruitalade”

* 3 lbs grapefruit, about 6
* Zest from at least 4
* 3 cups sugar
* 1/2 small box of pectin
* About 4 medium sized mason jars with lids


Zest as many grapefruit as you’d like. Supreme grapefruit and avoid all of the nasty pith and membranes.  Add everything to a big pot and cook on high until mixture comes to a rolling boil, about 10 min. Reduce to a simmer, add sugar and cook until it reaches at least 165C. This should take about 30-40 min.  Add pectin, and simmer an additional 5 min.  Gather your sanitized glassware and lids, pour in the hot mixture, and submerge in a large pot until the tops “pop.” Remove from water, let cool, and then refrigerate until set. Yum!

…And then change your password and kick your brother off your site!

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